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✓ Access to Approved Plans and Permits

✓ Ability to Upload Installation And Site Evaluation Progress Photos

✓ SMS Customer Contact History

✓ Tasks, Reminders, And Centralized Communication

✓ Operations Pipeline Progress Bar Per Project

✓ Detailed project pipeline from start to PTO with monitoring stage included

✓ Customer Portal To View The Status Of Installation

✓ Activate And Set Up A Crew. Create Weekly Crew Schedules. Crew Update Notes History.

✓ Audit Entire History Of Project.

Installer's Portal Viewing Scheduled Jobs
Customer Portal Showing Project Status


✓ Automated Generation and Email-Delivery of Contracts and Proposals

✓ Docusign, Credit Check and SMS integrations

✓ End-to-End Site Survey To Approved Plans

✓ Flexible And Accurate Pricing And Commission Options With In-House Financing.

✓ Search And Create Proposals

✓ Create And Manage Leads

✓ Create Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly And Yearly Reports

✓ Modify Commissions And Pricing

✓ Add/Edit Fields and Filters

✓ Export Proposals And Reports

✓ Convert A Sold Deal

Platform Overview

DMS Toolbar
Project Pipeline
Proposal Creations




Phone: (818) 600-4660
Email: info@designsolar.io

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