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Design My Solar (DMS)

Is an end-to-end software for automating a solar panel company's internal workflow. It has begun from a simple program that calculated cost of a solar panel into a powerful automation tool that handles pricing, invoicing, operations management, customer correspondence, report generation and more. DMS has helped removed the limitations of what is possible for its user and has helped skyrocket the growth of solar operations. Myriad of sales and installation companies have utilized the tool and optimized their productivity to accomplish more than what traditional project management is able to but at a much greater scale. DMS is a response to the increasing demand in solar energy and a tool that will help you reach your solar energy goals.


Happy customers

We focus first and foremost on the customer experience – educating our customers and exceeding their expectations throughout their entire solar journey.

Honesty & Integrity

Transparency, honesty, and integrity form the foundation of our relationship with our customers and each other. We meet our commitments.

Innovative Hard Work

We encourage innovation while using a disciplined process to ensure quality, minimize time spent, and improve competitiveness.

Growth & Challenge​

We meet aggressive growth and profit targets to enable rewards for our team and provide the best to our customers.

Disciplined & Consistent Process

We are process-driven and very disciplined on company guidelines. We believe in big personal and company goals that can be achieved only with discipline & consistency.




Phone: (818) 600-4660
Email: info@designsolar.io

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